Shut Up About Gay Marriage, Already-Promote Single Life

The late Gay Scholar Gore Vidal summed up gay marriage the best – it is the absolute dumbest non-issue of our era.  He stated that one day we would look back at this and wonder how we could possibly feel so passionately, when the debate over the issuing of marriage licenses to gays is about as relevant as debating driver licenses for blondes.

628x471Ironically, on the issue of gay marriage however, liberal atheists and conservative Christians share the common goal of fighting to preserve the archaic, religious tradition of marriage.

It’s not that I’m against gay marriage,  I think the promotion of marriage in any form, by any enlightened person, is idiotic. It’s a religious custom that has no place in the twenty-first century. Wouldn’t it make sense, therefore, that instead of promoting the marriage of gays, an enlightened, liberal atheist would be fighting against the entire institution of marriage, altogether?

More than 60% of heterosexual marriages end with divorce, so why would liberal atheists insist on imposing this upon perfectly happy, single gay couples?  I experienced marriage once, but I also experienced a near fatal accident and I wouldn’t repeat either one.  Heterosexual marriage, however,  is an insane addiction and most divorced individuals are not content failing just once. They feel compelled to fight over property and divide bank accounts multiple times.

But if gays want this grand privilege, grant it and nobody should have any further vested interest beyond divorce lawyers and family court commissioners.

Additionally, because marriage is a religious ritual and one I personally don’t believe in, all federal and state laws mandating marriage in order to gain special property, spousal or tax rights are a violation of separation of church and state. So as an unmarried, cohabitating person, I haven’t got any true allies – I’m being blackmailed by liberal atheists, Christians, and the state into a religious tradition that I do not wish to practice.

Many liberal atheists justify their fervent support for marriage by claiming that it has now become a secular custom. One could argue that, largely, so have the Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter. But these same liberal atheists certainly would never tolerate the state mandated observation of them.

With just a little additional training, divorce lawyers will always find something else to practice, and liberal atheists need to wise up and stop cursing gays with the belief that an opportunity for a failed marriage is somehow better for them. Leave religions to promote their own ridiculous customs and traditions. The enlightened fight is really the one against state mandated marriage–for anyone–and the violation of the Constitutional Rights of all single, cohabitating couples, whether the relationship is sexual or not.

Gay or straight, cohabitating singles have enough pressure from the pain in the ass Christians, so we certainly don’t need liberal atheists pushing marriage on us, too. Shut up about gay marriage, already, and just give singles the same rights and privileges as the matrimonial insane.


Don’t Talk To Me about Pope Francis

Don’t talk to me about Pope Francis. I don’t care about his advice on breastfeeding, views on poverty and Gay marriage, or anything else.

First of all, I’m not Roman Catholic, have no desire to be Catholic and no interest in Catholicism, whatsoever. In fact, I believe that if God were to sue for libel, the Roman Catholics would probably be first on his list.  There is little Biblical about Roman Catholicism, and if a church this archaic and this repressive were to be organized in the twenty-first century, it would be considered a repulsive cult.

There is no need to rehash the historic atrocities committed by this church as we’re well acquainted with them, so let’s look at the Catholic Church today under Pope Francis. It continues to endorse repression of women and gays and ignore priestly pedophilia.

Talk is cheap and that’s all we’ve heard from the head of one of the most backwards religions on earth. When the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Catholic organizations regarding contraceptives, Pope Hot Air didn’t intervene on behalf of women’s reproductive rights.  Francis may also prattle on in “personal” support of Gays, but he certainly didn’t offer to conduct the first Gay marriage at the Vatican.

Yet the media, especially liberals, can’t get enough of this bozo in thousand-dollar ruby slippers.  Enter “Pope Francis” into the search engine of major online news outlets, and it’s more like reading an issue of “Catholics Today” than serious journalism.

A blog by Jim Wallis, appearing 12/20/13 in The Huffington Post, went so far as to declare, “Pope Francis: An Imitation of Christ.”  My biblical knowledge of Christ does not include his multi-billion dollar estate, priceless art collection, or armored vehicle.

Christ was a guy who hung out with fisherman and prostitutes, slept on the ground and preached on top of a rock – not an elaborate balcony – waving a jewel-encrusted staff. Christ was a person who spurned wealth and religious pomp. Furthermore, Jesus Christ was not the head of a church which recently came under scathing criticism from the UN for its handling of global sexual abuse.

Until the day Pope Francis sheds his silly hat and monkey suit, disavows his repressive religion, its bloody history and its sexist, homophobic tradition, don’t talk to me about Pope Francis. I don’t care about him selling his Harley Davison. Talk to me when he auctions off the Vatican art collection to aid global poverty or turns the palace into a homeless shelter – then I’ll be all ears.

Come back when he demands justice for the thousands of sexually abused children and calls for every priest offender to face trial. I’ll pay attention when he not only apologizes for sexist church doctrine, but actually changes it to include female ministry and the right of women to choose what’s right for their own bodies without church approval.

The Pope is merely the head of a church; he is not universally holy or important. He should be of as much interest and significance to the larger society as the head of LDS or the Methodist Church. If someone is crazy enough to be Roman Catholic in this day and age, so be it, but don’t talk to me about Pope Francis.