Phony Frenzy over Russian Gay Rights

To the United States in recent years Gay Rights has become a priority and has moved into the forefront of the national debate and conversation.  But fueled by the Obama administration, these passions have been manipulated in order to inflame and greatly exaggerate the perceived plight and persecution of Russian Gays for Obama’s own personal gain.

Following the American media these days, one would think Russian gays are being rounded up and thrown into concentration camps-or worse. The accusations against Russia on this issue range from ridiculous to the truly absurd. Gay activist and writer Harvey Fierstein went so far to suggest in a July, 2013 New York Times op-ed piece, that even people suspected of being gay are being arrested.

Tonight Show television host Jay Leno even compared the current state of Gay rights in Russia to the plight of Jews in Nazi Germany. Right or wrong, apparently the Gay Propaganda Law, which basically insulates children from images or literature that do not portray traditional sexual relations, is akin to the extermination of six million people.

As if that were not enough, the myth is now being spread that even Gay athletes will be arrested as they arrive for the Sochi Olympics. All this is occurring with the blessing of and to the satisfaction of President Obama.

Russian President Putin humiliated him, and it’s payback time. Obama is willing to initiate a perceived cold war over Gay rights because he’s embarrassed. First, Russia offered asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Putin then forced the US into a position where Obama had to seek diplomacy with Iran. But the real game changer is Syria.

Obama was publically chomping at the bit for an attack on Syria, but it was Russia who craftily built a world coalition and blocked the attack. It was Vladimir Putin, and not the Nobel Peace Prize winner, who devised a workable plan to dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons and possibly avert WWIII.

As Mitt Romney aptly noted during a recent NBC interview: “Putin has outperformed our president time and time again  and,  to Obama, this is humiliation on a global stage.

In order to deflect from his own human rights and foreign policy failures, Obama seizes the Gay cause.  He personally and theatrically boycotts the Sochi Olympics, perpetuates the myth of some sort of wide spread government oppression of Russian Gays, and then selects a Gay delegation to represent the US.

Let’s face it. Obama isn’t passionate about the cause of international Gay rights-his interest lies in insulting the conservative Christian Russia and improving his lagging popularity at home with an issue Americans feel passionate about.

If international Gay rights were such a priority to President Obama he’d challenge Saudi Arabia, where homosexuals face life imprisonment or execution, or he’d cut off aid to Africa, where homosexuality is completely illegal in seventy percent of its countries.

There are eighty three countries where homosexuality is completely illegal and punishable with imprisonment or death. Such is US hypocrisy, that while it scrutinizes Russia over a relatively minor restriction, openly Gay American soldiers risking their lives in Afghanistan face stoning or imprisonment from the very government they are defending.

The reality is that Gay life thrives in Russia, and homosexuals are constitutionally protected.  The Gay Moscow Travel Guide site rates at least ten clubs in that city alone.

There’s also Central Station in St. Petersburg, which sports two stages, and is not only popular with Russian Gays and straights but with tourists as well. There’s also Club Culture, located in the former Palace of Culture and featuring a transvestite show. There’s yet another called the Bunker, which also is reputed to be quite lively.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t hate crimes through attacks on Gays. There have been some widely publicized incidents involving the teen gang Occupy Gerontophilia, and the far more dangerous Occupy Pedophilia, led by Maxim Martsinkevich, who previously served time for hate crimes and recently fled Russia to avoid further prosecution.

There is also the matter of Russian sitcom star Ivan Okhlobystin, who can’t seem to keep his mouth shut about anything.

But these are individual despicable actions and views toward minority groups that any country has to deal with.  The FBI reports that hate crimes against LBGT individuals in the United States have increased to 1295 in 2011, the last year for which complete statistics are available.  The US has also experienced its fair share of homophobic celebrity speech. Most notably, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, and most recently, comments made by Juan Pablos Galavas, star of reality show The Bachelor.  Galavas referred to homosexuals as perverts.

But it must remain clear, that although a more conservative nation, the  persecution of Gays  is not the prevailing view of most Russians and contrary to American myth, Russian Gays are not hiding out in barns and basements fearing for their lives or hiding from authorities